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Have You Protected your legacy

Peace of mind for everything that matters

Our Product

  • Ivylocker®

    A suite of digital lockers for organizing and pre-planning all of your affairs for the end of life’s journey, giving you control of your life after death!

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  • IvyPartner

    Vital records shared to a Licensed Network on the Framework of the Integrated Vital  Information Exchange Hub, (I.V.I.E.Hub™)

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  • IvyProtect

    Credit Protection for Commercial Businesses lowering risk and loss Caused by accounts remaining open indefinitely after death

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  • IvyWish

    Our mobile app provides video journaling, audio, and text to a contact(s) in IvyLocker®

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If you’re a consumer our solution will save your family countless hours of administrative headaches by sending notifications you pre-select; so they don’t have to.  See our IvyLocker® Product.

If you’re a provider of Insurance, Pension, or other financial companies, our solution will reduce your liability, lower business overhead costs, and increase sales.

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Estate Planning


Our service is a software deployment model in an enterprise application that is delivered and managed as a service to customers simultaneously. More…