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Have You Protected your legacy

Peace of mind for everything that matters

Make sure your stuff goes to your next generation

Our Market

  • Individuals

    Protect yourself and your family with our Premier Estate Digital Lockers.  Exclusive notification services to Insurance and more at the end of life.

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  • Employers

    Provide more value to your employees by providing access to a benefit that will protect them, their families from fraud, identity theft, while assuring they will receive end of life benefits.

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  • Providers

    Join our Partner Network and together we will give customers and clients assurance for benefits to families.  Vital records shared to a Licensed Network on the Integrated Vital  Information Exchange Hub (I.V.I.E.Hub®)

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  • Agents/Brokers

    Expand your base offering with this valuable Estate protection needed by every home.

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  • Attorneys/Estate Planners/Certified Financial Planners

    Increase your client base, increase your value to existing clients by providing them with the ultimate Estate Tool be notified at the end of a client’s life so you can take action!

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Coverage for the important people in your life

One Platform to protect families, push proof of death for claims automation and facilitate touch less benefits delivery

Estate Planning

You only pass this way once!

Do all you can to make a difference, for your family, your community!   Save and store details you need others to know, with documents.  All in one location.  At the end of your journey, we will notify those companies and individuals you selected.

“By using this valuable service, I can enjoy life with peace of mind, knowing my identity will not be abused, after I’m gone and assurance that my family will receive what I intended for them”

R. Clark

IvyLocker Customer