Ivy Partner Network

The Ivy Partner Network is an exclusive network of companies who provide services to the public at large.  What qualifies a company to be eligible for the network is whether as part of their normal business processes have a need to know when an individual passes.  Any organization who requires a death certificate to end or begin their services for an individual.  For example at minimum the following organizations can substantially improve their operational efficiencies by receiving an approved notification of death from our proprietary notification services:

  • Life Insurer
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Credit Card Providers
  • Pension Provider
  • Attorneys
  • Estate Planners Wealth and Retirement Management

Typically today, providers are contacted by a family member informing them of the death of someone who has done business with the provider.  This is an aspect of handling the affairs or estate of the loved one.  As part of the normal processing in most businesses, information must be provided, such as account information, address, social security information, and a certified certificate of death to either close accounts, or pay benefits.

Why partner with IvyNet, providers of IvyLocker?

Our value-added services to our member base, and automated notification services is also a value-added bonus for members of the Ivy Partner Network.  Network members have opted in to receive data and death certificate information sufficient to process within their system for actions typical of today’s manual processes.  This process also provides assurance to customers of any Ivy Partner Network provider that their families will not miss out on benefits or become victims of identity theft.

Here’s a snapshot of how this service will benefit your company:

IvyLocker® following the wishes of the subscriber will extract and execute notifications to the providers shown above.  Each locker above represents subscribers.

Now, because of IvyNet’s proprietary system, businesses and families have greater control.

Our value to Partners:
  • Reduce your operational costs. 70M+ baby boomers will impact your organization
  • Improve and regain lost public trust in your services to them – send the message that you want to help families not just take their money
  • Reduce the impact of fraud and identity theft on your bottom line
Our value to millions of families:
  • Shut down the credit – eliminating access use of social security numbers by fraud perpetrators.
  • No more premiums paid for none thing – in the end, the family never collected because they didn’t know.
  • Providing families with greater control over their affairs

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