Create an IvyWish


Why is an IvyWish™?

A mobile application that provides IvyLocker® members an ability to create and capture any one of the following and store your Ivywish to a contact name in the Contact Locker.

  • Videos
  • Text messages
  • Audio messages

How it works:

An IvyWish™ may be created on your mobile device and synced to an IvyLocker® account.  You may capture videos on the go, record your message to that special person or type a message to them and attach it to them in your contacts locker.

App Highlights:

  • Improve one’s ability to capture thoughts
  •  Improves one’s ability to stay organized
  • Flexible
  • Makes the most of pre-planning
  • Allows a deeper commitment toward protecting one’s legacy
  • Appropriate for Video Journals