Our service, IvyLocker® is designed for any individual of legal age, irrespective of location. IvyLocker® provides secure data lockers utilizing a template approach, combined with a technologically innovative rules engine to guide IvyLocker® members through the pre-planning process of providing detailed and relevant information needed during an emergency or even death.

Annually, millions of dollars are unclaimed, because no one knew. Families today are scattered across the globe, as a result of changes in the marketplace and the global economy.  Resulting in a need to not only stay connected using tools, such as FaceBook; but also providing the information needed by a loved one at a critical time.

Life can be pretty stressful should parents, grandparents or other family members become ill, with no one person having relevant information which may be needed, such as social security numbers and insurance policy information.  IvyLocker® can hold this information and may be accessed quickly.

IvyLocker® Functions and Features:

The locker suite will hold as much or little as desired by the subscriber. The IvyLocker® suite is a robust website accessed on the internet through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), HTTPS, and AES encryption protocols used for secure exchange over the Internet.

In addition, the IvyLocker® portal will be compliant with privacy laws in handling sensitive data, encrypting data before submission, and storage in a database repository.  This ensures the confidentiality of subscriber data from identity theft. The information which may be stored includes details of insurance policies, lock boxes, and bank accounts. Secure data locker – IvyLocker® provides a suite of secure data storage lockers each for a specific area of a person’s life.

The IvyLocker® service is for:

  • Singles – with families in other cities
  • Seniors – with families in other cities
  • Married Couples – spouses with busy schedules may not know the whereabouts of
  • important documents
  • Individuals who have serious illnesses
  • Individuals who have no family, but have close friends they trust to handle their affairs
  • Active duty Military individuals
  • Military families

Ivylocker® services are available for an affordable price