Now you can make a difference and increase your income.

You see, every day someone dies with their families having no knowledge of all their personal affairs. And because so much of this is happening, we need your help to spread the word about IvyLocker®.

When you recruit others who become active subscribers* to the IvyLocker® service, we will pay you a commission.

Pre-Covid in the U.S., $80 billion in unclaimed assets awaits someone to identify and prove it belongs to them. If it’s never claimed, the government will auction it, if it’s a tangible item or sell it. There goes someone’s intended inheritance never received.

Our technology creates organized structure with everything in one place, allowing families to know what must be done.  This creates the opportunity for families to receive those special things that may make a large difference to the next generation.

Why become an IvyLocker® Affiliate?

  • Earn 10-25% Commission on all sales
  • Receive residual payments, monthly and or, annual payments 30 days from the completed trial period.  This is an active subscription
  • Company Support – Affiliate back office, providing you with full support
  • Every living person will one day die
  • Most often individuals and families of those individuals are not prepared
  • Their families are left to deal with the problems and mess
  • You can earn income for yourself and help someone else
  • You win and they win
  • People helping people
  • Now, that something to feel good about
  • Come, be a part of our ambassador program and help families today!