This estate tool is the perfect add on for benefits to your employees.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Where would your company be without them?

  • If you’re using a benefit broker to guide you on choices for benefit plans, talk them about adding this valuable service to your benefit portfolio.
  • Or if you are not utilizing a brokerage service for benefits management, we’d like to encourage you to request a quote from us for covering all staff of your organization so each family will be protected with this valuable service.
  • Your employees work for you for the income they need to provide for themselves and their families. And as an employer you may provide life insurance and a 401K savings plan.  Both of which are intended to give each employee peace of mind for their futures and that of their families.
  • Why should you care about your employees?  

    • When an employee believes the company cares about them and provides good value in pay and benefits they will work better, smarter and longer for the organization.
    • People want to feel wanted and needed for the service they provide.
    • Protect your investment!

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  • Our value to each family

    Joining the service facilitates ‘the talk’ between an employee and their next of kin; the person who will handle their affairs

    The estate tool, IvyLocker® comes with notifications to ensure the right people, the right companies are contacted.  This facilitates benefits being paid, protection from fraud and identity theft.

    It also provides for storing backup copies of important documents, wills, health directives and more

    The price for employees is inexpensive, with a once a month deduction

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  • Our added value to your company

    We provide several methods for registration and billing for your employees

    We provide a special invite code, employee registers to receive special rate for your employees, payment is made by employee, or payment is made through payroll deduction

    Audit reports are available of completed enrollments for reconciliation of registration and billing