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We are passionate about helping people protect their legacies. Utilizing technology for the greater good, creating an innovative estate tool that captures the essence of all things important.

Innovation built on passion and compassion

Death may come like a thief in the night to steal something valuable from you.  It may feel this way. Or it may make an entrance that is long and debilitating for the person suffering and for the person watching. The thing is there is nothing any of us can do to escape when it’s our turn.

Experiencing the process, the pain of it, society’s processes and rules birthed the Ivy vision. The magnitude of the problems of lost inheritances, fraud and more to leveraging technology to how it can be used to successfully to help reduce policies being lost by storing this information in an insurance locker, with connecting to the insurance provider at the end of life.

This revolutionary estate tool provides assurance to families and to the commercial sector; that they will not be forgotten and aide commercial providers with another means to close the loop on their obligation to their customers.  Claims processing can be more efficient, death benefits may be processed sooner, credit accounts may be closed, fraud may be reduced.

Envisioning the Ivy plant and vine connecting; such is true with our digital lives and the lives of our loved ones.  The Estate tool connects family members, friends, and the business the member has been connected to.  This is the heart of IvyNet. 

What drives us

Having an estate tool, that has everything in one place and connects the country through automation.


The time of grief can be traumatizing for some families. We are passionate that no family should be forgotten when benefits are available or that they be abused by not closing down the digital footprint.


Utilizing our patented technology receive data sufficient to trigger and drastically reduce your processing times, fraud and improve the customer experience through a value add service, and Estate Tool +.


Establishing a nation-wide network of providers who as a body will create new standards, while improving their service and increasing their sales; while protecting the family.

Meet the team

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Yvonne Fitzpatrick
Founder & CEO
Michael Gregory, Jr.
Regional Director Marketing & Sales
Jason Thayer
Regional Director Marketing & Sales
Wong Yat Seng
Sr. Developer & Architect